100 Day Project 2017

100 Day Series inspired by artist and author @ElleLuna, who began this project over 3 years ago on Instagram. The challenge has become very popular over the years. I began this project back in 2015, each year has been the same intent - painting per day under 20 minutes (or oftentimes less). The only intent is to get back into the practice of intuitive painting.

Series began April 4 - July 12, 2017.

My favorite part of this series was the last 20-30 days. I vacationed in Boston and Denver with family and had to take sparse art materials along for travel. I took a sketchbook that had lots of paper but in it my 3 year old son had done a number of sketches himself and then cut them all up. I found such a surge of inspiration taking cues from his scraps of scribbles, etc. and "collaborated" to create the last 20-30 days. LOVED being reminded of the spontaneity and freedom that kids have when they create.

PLEASE NOTE: each painting/sketch is approximately 12x9, 10x10 or 12x18. The "grid" format to display cuts off parts of each painting image but because this seems to be the best way to display all 100 images together, I decided it was OK to give the idea of the image but unfortunately, most of these paintings are NOT square but Portrait Size. Please email me if you have interest in purchasing the artwork katy@kathrynneale.com.