It's September? oops!

IMG_6300It hasn't even really registered that it's almost the end of September and therefore my blog has been empty for couple weeks! Disgraceful. I do (in theory) tell myself I have an "excuse" in that I've completely and totally am redoing my basement/studio space. And that has taken up so much of my "extra" time - I'm still not finished but clearing out MAJOR things like a big, enormous desk in the far end of the area to make room for a much smaller desk so that I can start to video myself painting right across from my computer screen. I've been thinking and re-thinking and envisioning what the space should look like all summer. I had to move a piano  by myself to the other side of the room and all my crap (LOTS and LOTS of it) had to be stored away. It's stuff like all the china, silver and dishes from both my grandmothers I was keeping are all now in neatly packed boxes in my mom's new condo. I also inherited an awesome basement storage shelving unit that now houses all most of my artwork in the unfinished area - not in my studio space anymore.

The idea is to allow for more space for my artwork, to set up a space to video me showing techniques and also to have at least half of the space possibly used for demo workshops and perhaps a lesson or two. I at least need the space set up correctly in order to even offer up any of those ideas I want to do in the near future. So dropping everything and focusing on this enormous task has taken all of my extra time - which we moms with young children don't have! (and rightly so for now). But I'm pleased with my efforts I just didn't realize an entire month has gone by without a single post!