Can't believe it's November!

Acrylic, gesso paint and charcoal on paper, 24x18, 2012. It's amazing to think it's already November and the holidays are right around the corner. Literally. . .

But with this "turning the corner" here, I've committed myself to taking one more small step in my dream of making it on my own as an artist. And in this day and age, one way is to start your own online store. And I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to take the step but it at this moment, it actually feels quite courageous.

I've picked a couple of pieces of artwork that span almost a decade of work, all of these artworks are very special to me. It's definitely a weird, very weird, relationship - making art. I'm not sure if it's the same as composing music because at least you can always play the same piece or sing it, even if it's different in the moment etc. But it's yours, always. But a piece of artwork comes out and there's an "ending" to it. And then you have to detach and just let it be.

And then another weird aspect of it, is that someone wishes to buy your art and that's kind of weird too - in a wonderful way. But then you suddenly feel the attachment back, knowing you will never see this piece in person again.

But in the end, I still have a lot of pieces that represent a lot of different styles in the past several years and it's more then exciting, it's thrilling to think that some would find homes, to be admired instead of stored away in my basement studio. To think that they might bring some joy into someone's house for years to come, is quite special.

So perhaps this might be good timing to launch since it's the season of gift-giving, perhaps a loved-one would like to own an original piece of art, and I think that's pretty cool.

So without further ado, I submit my store to the world! Launching 20 artworks so far to start, all 40% till December 1st. Please share with anyone you might think would be interested. I also have lots of artwork in similar series still available so if there is something that is in my website but not in the store, please email me for available and price (all pre-2015 work is on sale 40% off) - shipping varies according to piece - katy[at]

You talk about courage and in the light of day it seems prosperous that I would be "nervous" to put my artwork out there. But in the middle of the night, this small step seems tentative but takes courage. Where will these pieces go and who will buy them? It's exciting to find out. Thank you again for all the support! Email me if you need more photos of any piece, etc.