Day 5 - 100 Day Project

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Interesting this morning. It's Friday and I'm a little out of it. Not used to waking up at 5:15 that's for sure! I LOVE my sleep!

So not quite sure about this little guy, I'll have to just let it "sit."  I had other intentions for this piece - mostly I covered up more of the patterned circles then I wanted but that's ok. Here I decided to use the patterned background and give it more of a dominant "role" instead of just having it in the background like Day 4. So I drew circles from a template and just painted around them in neutral gray. I like effect because the circle shapes create the foundation of this piece.

You can see upper left corner little light blue "blobs" well another instance where I was hovering and blobs dropped randomly on the page. I accidentally got some on my finger but instead of just wiping it off, I used my finger to blot them into the piece. Then decided might as well use my finger for other parts of the light blue.

Also experimenting with different paint does different things. I have pre-made house paint samples that the Martha Stewart brand used to provide at Lowes. The paint is couple years old by now so it's very "gloppy" and thick. And the brush/cap thing is horrible but great for just hovering over the piece and gently swinging the brush, you get this weird, rubbery "line" that just plops onto the page. You don't have much control but it's a weird paint-line, scribble effect.

Then knew I had to add some dark to it but might have been little too much. Don't mind the sketch-look with the dark line but went back in to blot out with paper towel some of the areas so it "fades" and has more dimension not being so "heavy."

Then my timer went off and still needed a "highlight" so took bright yellow with knife and blotted some yellow highlights to help assist moving the eye around the page.