Day 8 - 100 Day Project

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First painting I've strongly felt should be landscape but can't do that for instagram cause proportions are more portrait (vertical) format. If I had more time obviously I would still work on this one. Perhaps pushing some parts into the background (fading) and highlighting as well. I confess I took a little bit more time just because it takes so long to dry the parts so that I can also apply the patterned piece of paper. That's probably what frustrated me the most about this process, I don't mind working fast at all but I get annoyed when I have to wait for things to dry with a hair dyer. I much prefer letting things dry on their own - much more interesting effects when I come back a day later or couple hours later. You just can't beat "natural" drying process with pigments floating and settling on their own.

I also had little bit of fun with some pastel and then painting over the pastel with watery paint. The paint immediately falls to either side cause it's different dry material so it doesn't absorb the water at all it repels it. So it's a fun effect. Probably will have some more fun with it in a little bit.

Seeing this past week's and assessing - definitely into just the watery bits and pieces of painting right now. I haven't painted consistently in so long - since my son was born for sure (and really before that because come on, in the 3rd trimester I just wanted to lay down most of the time to rest! My son was BIG!!). I don't really have any "plans" right now for myself. I'm just not thinking about anything, sitting down, choosing my colors and keeping it real simple. I can see similar color palettes of warm reds, warm yellows, ochres, etc. and accented with cooler colors of blue and green. But not too much. I know that I'm subconsciously attracted to this palette because it's springtime here in St. Louis and after a harsh winter, it's lovely to be drawn to the beautiful, strong colors of spring into summer.