Day 29 - 100 Day Project

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I went smaller today. You can't tell from this picture at all but I started with a cool gray PASTEL - yep that's right! I just rubbed on the side, the cool gray pastel color all over. It was interesting because it's bringing texture right away to the piece. And it was interesting to start with so much pastel at the beginning because as I applied my wet acrylic, it would "grip" literally so the push and pull of the natural dry verses wetter mediums was kind of fun to explore. So the real piece has this beautiful light cool gray color in the background that's very difficult to photograph properly with an iPhone. And working with greens are always challenging. Not sure why but they remind us so much of nature and the natural world, and perhaps because they are quite neutral in that these are "warmer" green with lots of yellow in them. But it's more challenging to go further either way to cool or warm green because green is neutral to begin with.

I remember my first college professor at Easter Illinois University - I had finished a total green piece and he said it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen! Just because so much green was completely overwhelming. I should've left it just to see what the viewers would do but I was learning too. I wish I had more photos from that time period to show off but you know how it is, that was such a growing, learning period, you don't take a lot of the process stuff because it's so raw you, as an artist, want to forget it!