Day 37 - 100 Day Project

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Again not really liking this series - it's ok. I know I'm referencing floral bouquets and that translating that composition is interesting. But pracicing what I'm preaching, it's a little too literal for me. But it's good to try to be reminded of how to possible translate something from a photo and be expressive and/or more abstract in it's interpretation. I also love the photographs are really well spaced - there's a lot of negative space around the floral arrangement and that design sense in me is loving that part. But it's harder for me to replicate that in these small spaces for the paintings. I also feel like in the mornings now, it's not as free-flowing - my energy seems to overwork everything!

But it's great to be aware of how your energy flows and what works for you - it may shift and change per day, per week but being aware is also half the battle.