New favorite paint - Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint After testing out Annie Sloan's chalk paint, I want more! Totally have fallen in love. It's a great consistency for painting. Obviously, the paint is designed for redecorating and refurbishing furniture, floors, walls, etc., anything decorative and in your house (lamps, book covers, etc.). It is nontoxic, completely flexible enough to use right out of the can or water it down with some water, etc.

But my favorite thing are the colors. I do not like to mix colors cause I'm just too darn impatient. It's weird I know but I tend to paint fast and like to just grab paints out of the bottle. Occasionally if I have a specific color in mind I will take the time to mix. But I absolutely LOVE all thing British and their color schemes are no exception. I've oftentimes taken the color samples from Farrow-Ball to Lowes to create the paint colors. For example, the Brits have just such beautiful gray colors. I feel like the US has warmer gray colors or darker. Brits have such a beautiful, soft, cool gray - probably inspired by a lot of cloudy days actually! But Annie Sloan's paints are awesome. You can mix them together to make new colors. But also there are a lot of neutrals that I can just get right out of the bottle. (For example the gray used to calm down this painting in my 100 Day Project sketch). I can only afford 1 quart right now which is "Cream" that I'm working on for my new painting series. But I can't WAIT till I can afford more. Lovely! :)

Tip - be on the lookout for other materials that you wouldn't necessarily think are related to painting but it is! Test them because all paint is different consistency. Advised to stay away from all oil-based paints because they are very hard to work with, they cannot be used for the first layer because if you put water-based layer on top of oil, the oil will corrode the water-based layer - unless you want to experiment with that!). But waiting for oil to dry is a drag (could take days), and it's messy, toxic and you have to do a lot of clean-up (check local and national requirements on disposal of oil-based painting products, etc. because there's a lot now a days). Water-based or "Acrylic-based" paints are much better for you, and much easier to work with.