I've been minted!!

© 2016. All Rights Reserved.This fall, I participated in my first minted challenges and actually won 7 editor's awards! I'm thrilled to finally open an official minted store to sell high quality art prints of my work. Thank you minted for this amazing opportunity. Kathryn Neale Minted Store


Gallery Opening last Friday night!

Heather Haymart Gallery Heather Haymart Gallery Heather Haymart Gallery Heather Haymart Gallery

So excited to be accepted into the summer season for Heather Haymart Gallery in Chesterfield Mall! The opening was last Friday night. Heather is an artist herself and her mother is an artist that invented "wood icing" painting and technique. The gallery offers workshops for wood icing, milk paint and Annie Sloan chalk paint as well - I can't wait to participate in all of those workshops since working with new paint is always really fun.

It's funny how the Universe works sometimes. I'm remaining open through my 100-day project. I researched online for Annie Sloan paints and found that this gallery was the only one in my vicinity which is amazingly only 15 minutes from my house. Couple months ago I popped in to purchase some samples and was amazed that it was a gallery offering these cool workshops. I signed up for their newsletter and only a month ago spotted a calling for applications for the summer season. I never thought twice but just applied and promptly just left it up to the Universe. Only couple weeks later I was accepted! So fun. Who knows what will become of it, but just to take a step forward after so long, and a step that I'm fulling comfortable with, is saying "YES" to the Universe - I want this track. I have already gotten a taste of what is expected of being a "real artist" is, in the contemporary art gallery environment. It's just not for me. Perhaps I'll write some of my experiences later on the blog because I'm still processessing them. But this step forward seems just right for me right now. And I'm proud to support these women who are making their own careers in art too. Gives me a lot of joy and gratitude.