Day 58 - 100 Day Project

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Complete new look for next several days. Several reasons for this include combination of total new scenery reinvigorates you with new imagery and also very practical reasons of traveling.

- In Salida, Colorado for this week visiting my sister and niece (and their new puppy, their old wolf/dog and their beautiful cat) - I actually have to be very strategic with my paints - for traveling purposes I had to bring watercolor which is by far the easiest to paint with and doesn't get everywhere and doesn't ruin clothes or other people's carpet! I also brought some watercolor pencils for drawing and pastel pencils - again super easy to box up and light to travel with. - I don't have the luxury of leaving everything out - my 20-month old son and I are sharing the guest bedroom and I do NOT want him in all my stuff. So I have to work QUICK. - I also have to do several at a time (which is against my original 20-minute painting strategy) but it has to work this way. I don't have lots of time to just sit and get everything out and paint. I have to work around the schedule with my sister and my son. - But what's cool is a totally different look! Obviously uber inspired by the awesome scenery here. Was outside all morning (literally 4.5 hours!) with my son, walking along the river down in the main town area and then walking up and out on a trail towards the mountains. You cannot help but have that kind of imagery in your head. - Therefore, next few pieces are directly inspired by landscape and rocks and water. My favorite themes!