Day 60 - 100 Day Project

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Ugh. I don't normally get "attached" to my paintings - it's a very fluid process and you learn to train yourself to let go of "this and that" - meaning what you "like" and "don't like" etc. Instead, you are constantly exploring, experimenting, seeing what is "working" and "not working."

However, sometimes the synchronicity of your decisions come together in a beautiful way aligned with what is working. And you actually start to like it! that's what happened in this piece. The upper left area was quite beautiful - the brush strokes, the decisions I made, and then when I put some yellow in there it was just all working.

Stupidly! I made a HUGE mistake - when only wanting to blot out a certain part, I ended up completely smashing that area into a huge pile of MUD - meaning all the colors ran together to literally create brown, all the beautiful, delicate brush strokes gone and awful. I had to blot as much as I could out but it was still pretty late.

In the end - I only have the memory of what it was for only a couple minutes. UGH. Super sucky!! And then you get "attached" and you get mad. So that's what I did! :)