If ("when!") I have a budget for magazines

I LOVE LOVE LOVE magazines. I always have been, always will be I expect. It's one of the trait's left to me by my dad since he loved magazines and collected subscriptions. If (or *when!) I have the extra money to buy as many subscriptions as I want, I would love to put the following on my list:


Not particularly sexy cover this issue but this is a rather new magazine published (I believe in NYC) in the last couple years that focuses exclusively on contemporary painting. But of course it's extremely hip and cutting edge, not just focuses on painting but the context of painting within the contemporary art world as well. Which means that the articles and interviews can have a wider interpretation of "painting" across media (which is definitely the trend in the art world today). For decades, and I mean DECADES the discourse around painting is that "painting is DEAD!" especially ever since Greenberg and Pollock exploded onto the abstract stage in the 50's. But this magazine is proof that painting is not dead, it is ever-evolving, challenging and being challenged as it's own media.

So always good to be within context of the times! (And I get overwhelmed with ArtForum which is the "Bible" of contemporary art so I had stopped my subscription after a while. It's just too much extra theory and discourse for me personally!)



The Elephant is such a beautifully constructed magazine that offers up more like a "Bible" too of what's happening in the contemporary art world but also visual culture as well. It's published in London so you definitely get a broader and richer vibe from the European front. There are excellent Studio Visit articles and themes that are current within the art/culture community. Lots of writing but also lots of beautiful artwork. Again not the most flattering of covers this issue (most of Elephant covers are so bright you can't miss them!). but pretty expensive subscription as well.



Flow is such a unique magazine it functions more like a "project-book" then a real magazine format but it's super duper creative and craftsy. It's also a Dutch magazine so again it's cool to get different perspectives about design outside the US. The focus is exploring "small happiness, daily life and the beauty of not always managing to be perfect." The publishers have a love of paper, which is clearly evident since a lot of the pages are printed on different types of paper. Love of illustration, design and also part of the "slow-revolution," exploring themes of "creativity, positive psychology, mindfulness and beauty of imperfection." It's definitely a magazine that is more like a book, requiring you to slow down, look carefully through all the pages and contemplate the design and words. This issue especially I actually might buy because it's sole focus in on mindfulness (which is EVERYWHERE these days isn't it?!).



I absolutely adore this magazine and for a while did continuously buy copies of it and still have all of them in my archival library. It is an extremely sophisticated, beautifully designed magazines that focuses on the textile industry and all thigns related to textiles in the industry. There are cool articles on historical details of lace for example, latest textile designers, fashion and even focus on fiber/textile artist in the art world. It basically has nothing to do with my work EXCEPT I can justify that some of it has pattern which I'm interested in of course. So that is why I justified purchasing copies but in general, I appreciate the look, feel, design and photographs of this gorgeous magazine. I wish I had the money!

IMG_5928 IMG_5927


Since my aesthetic has consistently been drawn to the whatever country style the UK is publishing, I absolutely adore these 2 magazines. I enjoy them for their interior highlights but also because the articles are everything to do with English country life. I am obsessed with England and wish that some day I could buy a small cottage in the middle of Derbyshire or by the sea in like Cornwall (see Poldark recently?!!). I get these magazines to get inspired but also to dream.



Brand new magazine (as of last year or the year before) but absolutely stunning design layout and photography. Same thing as #5 in that totally inspired by British country life. All of the articles are also about the slow revolution - slowing down with reading, with being inspired by nature, by food, by traveling, etc. Not much in the design arena but still would love to catch one of these issues just because and read before a fire with hot tea.



Beautifully printed, this magazine has been out for some time, again another one devoted to the "slow life." Design-wise it's the most sleek, elegant, sophisticated design that evokes to me, more of a book than a magazine layout. I would def want this magazine if I had the money. The articles are also very thoughtful with themes for each magazine.