Another year another 100 Day Project!

100DayProjectWell it's this time of year again. Last year (2015) I participated in the 100 Day Project encouraged by Elle Luna through The Great Discontent website. It was a blast! Pretty much everyone who participated last year wondered if we were all doing it again? The Great Discontent sadly couldn't organize it but Elle Luna broadcasting through her Instagram @ElleLuna that she's promoting it this year. It starts tomorrow, April 19th through July 27th! I've already rounded up (3) other girlfriends to join me (yeah!) so I'm not alone. Too fun.

Follow me @KathrynJNeale on Instagram for daily (or pretty close to daily) updates. #The100DayProject and #100days20minptgs. Not quite sure if I'm posting to my blog everyday but certainly will keep up with the posts - perhaps weekly.

I'm excited to think more strategically about it this year. Instead of last year where I just did "whatever" came to me, I'm going to start to working through the first 25-30 days (depending on how I feel it's going) focusing on building more of a series of small works. I will know more tomorrow when I start but I've already laid out certain materials that I will focus on for the duration of those 25 days - floral wasabi tape, liquid acrylic paints, soft pastels in neutral colors, bright green and bright teal chalk paint, and darker neutral acrylic paint. Working with these colors, paint and materials, purchased a large roll of multi-media paper so that I can just tear sheets off in sizes that I like.

I'm setting these restrictions up for myself because I struggle against structure, period. I'm not that great at discipline at all, at routine is ok (some routine is ok), but the sheer predictability of doing something over and over again is very challenging. It's kind of like, though, getting up to know what you are wearing, or perhaps you have a uniform for work. These set of restrictions actually will let my brain rest from making any of those decisions - color in particular. I'm hoping that I will start to focus more on mark-making and composition. Those are my goals for the first 25-30 days and then I'll reassess what the next "series" will be.

So . . . until tomorrow it begins!