Day 25 - 100 Day Project

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Day 25!! I can't believe I've made it but to be perfectly honest, it hasn't been that hard at all like I thought. I guess when you really are enjoying yourself, you DO IT! What a revelation!

This one again, trying new things but it was scary for 95% of painting this. I was thinking "THIS is what's going up for the 25th one?" Yes, we all psyche ourselves out. The second that you want or intend this to be a "great" painting, it sucks big time. So it was going pretty down hill for a while, super ugly! But I think it turned out ok in the end. . . . but even if it was pretty bad, the agreement with myself was to put up the entire process because that's what this is all about. Experimenting, getting back into painting, and putting all of it up - no matter how I personally feel about it. Crap and all! :)