Day 31 - 100 Day Project

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Finally found my square found paper - thank God! Getting a little bored, have to find something kind of "new" to look forward to. It took me while to get started cause feeling the itch this morning to do something new but I don't have that much time to just sit and think and go through my mess of a basement. When I feel this way I often feel like cleaning up and reorganizing and then going through my files and stuff to remember what I've collected along the way to use. but just don't have time!

Just to note - worked on this piece 180 degrees for the entire thing, then at the last minute thought this orientation was better.

I also have some "tips & tricks" info on this one, frantically trying to take photos as I'm working -- which is hard because I tend to work very fast and to stop and take a photo, multi-tasking, breaks the "rhythm." but this one was OK. In danger of getting overworked again but that's fine. Notice? LOVE my GRAY!