Watery paint accident made better

Neale_Sketch8 Neale_Sketch7 Neale_Sketch6 Neale_Sketch5 Neale_Sketch4 Neale_Sketch3 Neale_Sketch2 So as I was working on my painting, I was not paying attention and sat my jar of water on top of the painting while I was looking at another area. When I looked up I realized all my watery paint had pooled around my jar. But instead of disparing and going "OH NO!" I just picked it up and started playing with the watery paint - spreading it out, blotting it with the jar and "pulling" it down into the canvas. Bascially using the jar as a brush. I loved it!

But the water had a mind of its own. It completing started pooled in a "swoosh" fashion to the right (perhaps my table is slightly off!) but even the final effect is fine with me.

One of my favorite aspects of paint is that I use so much water that more often than not, the final dried look is very different then what I see in the wet areas. And it always surprises me in a very nice way. I don't think I've ever come back and thought "On no! Why did it do that?" :)

It's a great reminder to go with the flow - literally. And to enjoy these small, fleeting moments. We are not in control - the Universe is. And to let go but still enjoy each moment for what it is, is a great meditation.

Today I finally did some yoga - feeling quite awesome.