Day 4 - 100 Day Project

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This morning was fun because I felt like painting on top of a design - paper ("found paper" we artists call it!) from Target or Michael's I think that comes in a packet), and it's a great exercise because instead of making stuff, you are reacting to what's already there. You have to decide what to keep and what to delete or "push back." I was constantly trying to "push" back some parts of the sketch because all of the elements of the design is 1 color tone - meaning there wasn't highlights or dark places, that sometimes is what a pattern is. So when I applied paint, I needed to decide some darker elements and lighter to make more dimension in the piece (foreground vs background etc.). Also helps you think about negative space because you are creating that negative space with your brush to knock back or cover up parts of the printed pattern underneath.

I think it turned out ok. Still quite busy! But the challenge here for me is that these pieces are such a small space that it's hard for me to get that proportion so again, it's all good practice!